The goal of the Institute’s research is to examine all the various realms of theology through ecumenical lenses. In particular, we attend to differences in doctrine and church order that caused divisions in the past and persist into the present. We investigate these conflicts in their historic and systematic settings the better to understand them as well as to develop new models for resolving said conflicts and overcoming their church-dividing character. Particular areas of concentration are church history, exegesis, method, consensus, hermeneutics, and models of unity. Many key concepts developed by the Institute have played important roles in the ecumenical dialogue process. Such research is pursued by the Institute professors both individually and collectively. Cooperation with colleagues from other churches and traditions in working groups and conferences has proven to be valuable as well.

Below you will find links to research areas by topic as well as to specific colloquia we have hosted at the Institute or participated in elsewhere. A number of papers and lectures are available for you to download, read, and pass on to others.