The research and dialogues of ecumenism cannot remain in the hands of specialists alone but must find their way into the common life shared by Christians of different traditions. For this reason, the communication and reception of ecumenical results to a wider audience is the third critical area of the Institute’s work. An important example of this is our annual Summer Seminar, where we invite speakers to address a gathering of laity and clergy on topics of wide-ranging ecumenical concern, such as mission, liturgy, spirituality, bioethics, church and state, and so on. We also teach a two-week course called “Studying Luther in Wittenberg” every November for Lutheran pastors and theologians from all around the world. In addition to the events that we host, we are also invited to offer lectures, seminars, and workshops at universities, pastors’ conferences, and lay gatherings. You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in inviting our staff to your own event.

Below you will find links to the forthcoming and past Summer Seminars with a selection of the lectures delivered at them, as well as other reception projects that the Institute has undertaken.