Prof. Dr. André Birmelé

Prof. Dr. André Birmelé

Prof. Dr. André Birmelé is a Pastor in the Lutheran Church of Alsace-Lorraine. His association with the Institute dates back to 1974, when he became a research assistant to the staff. His wide-ranging ecumenical work has led him to participation in both international and European Lutheran-Reformed dialogue leading to the Leuenberg Fellowship (now the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe), the European Lutheran-Reformed-Anglican dialogue leading to the Reuilly Agreement, and Lutheran-Catholic dialogue, both European and French. He was a member of the Executive Committee of the Faith and Order Commission through the Assembly of the WCC in Busan, 2013.

His special interests deal with methodological questions of the ecumenical movement: reception, the understanding of consensus, models of unity, and so forth. To these questions he has devoted two volumes: Le salut en Jésus-Christ dans les dialogues oecuméniques [Salvation in Jesus Christ in Ecumenical Dialogues] (Paris: Cerf, 1986) und La communion ecclésiale. Progrès oecuméniques et enjeux méthodologiques [Ecclesial Communion: Ecumenical Progress and Methodological Issues] (Paris: Cerf, 2000), which is also available in a German translation: Kirchengemeinschaft, ökumenische Fortschritte und methodologische KonsequenzenIn addition to these ecumenical questions, Prof. Birmelé has worked in the area of Lutheran confessional theology and Reformation identity.

In 1982 he was called to be Professor of Dogmatic Theology at the Protestant Theological Faculty of the University of Strasbourg and strove for a close cooperation between the Faculty and the Institute. From 2001 to 2005 he was the Dean of the Theological Faculty and afterwards the Director of the Ecole Doctorale de théologie et sciences religieuses. Among his principal publications during his university work are Introduction à la théologie systématique (Geneva: Labor et Fides, 2008) and L’horizon de la grâce: La foi chrétienne [The Horizon of Grace: The Christian Faith] (Paris: Cerf, 2013). As of September 2014 he is a Professor Emeritus of the University but continues in his work at the Institute. He is the author and editor of many books, articles, and various other publications (Publications André Birmelé).

For his 65th birthday a Festschrift in his honor was published: La passion de la grâce. Mélanges offerts à André Birmelé, eds. Michel Deneken and Elisabeth Parmentier (Geneva: Labor et Fides, 2014).

Prof. Birmelé is a member of the Académie Internationale des Sciences Religieuses (Brussels) and the Finnish Academy of Sciences.