In September 2011, the Institute hosted a conference in conjunction with the Women in Church and Society Program of the World Council of Churches and the Volos Academy for Theological Studies entitled “Being Human, Becoming Divine: Elisabeth Behr-Sigel’s Contributions to the Church.” The event benefited from the work of excellent scholars coming from Europe, the Middle East, and North America as well as the participation of members of Behr-Sigel’s own family, including her son, one of her daughters, and two of her grandsons. It was clear that Behr-Sigel had made a tremendous impact on all people present, whether they were family or only readers of her writings; some were younger scholars that she had encouraged at important points in their career.

Teilnehmer E. Behr-Sigel Konferenz

Participants E. Behr-Sigel Conference


The conference lectures are listed below. They will be published in French in the journal Contacts and in English in book form as part of the Doxa and Praxis series under the auspices of the World Council of Churches.

  • “Behr-Sigel’s Ecumenical Formation in Strasbourg,” Elisabeth Parmentier
  • “The War Years in Nancy: Behr-Sigel’s Theology in Action,” Olga Lossky
  • “The Russian Roots of Behr-Sigel’s Theological Thinking,” Michel Evdokimov
  • “According to the Whole: Behr-Sigel’s Ecclesiological Vision,” Teva Regule
  • “Patristic Gender Anthropology in Behr-Sigel,” Valerie Karras
  • “‘The Hands of a Woman’: Person, Image and Ordination,” Maria McDowell
  • “The Living Faith: Behr-Sigel Reading the Signs of Our Time,” Amal Dibo
  • “Sophiology as a Source of Behr-Sigel’s Theological Anthropology,” Antoine Arjakovsky
  • “Behr-Sigel’s ‘New’ Hagiography and Its Ecumenical Significance,” Sarah Hinlicky Wilson