Bilateral dialogues between Christian churches seek to address directly but irenically the differences and conflicts, especially with regard to doctrine, that have caused divisions between the churches. Since the 1960s, Lutherans have been involved in dialogues with other church families such as Anglicans, Baptists, Mennonites, Methodists, Orthodox, Pentecostals, Reformed, and Roman Catholics. Members of the Institute staff have been invited by the Lutheran World Federation to serve as expert consultants for all of these dialogues. Our staff contributes to the preparation and reception of the dialogues, the composition and revision of ecumenical texts, and the evaluation of dialogue results.

Below you will find links to each of the international bilateral dialogues in which the LWF has participated, with further links to the relevant documents produced by the dialogues.

You can also download a 2010 publication of the Institute reviewing recent developments in the international bilateral dialogues in which the LWF participated.

Lutherans in Ecumenical Dialogue: 2003-2010

Update 2016: From Conflict to Communion – Baptism and Growth in Communion