Establishing of “Strasbourg Society for Ecumenical Theology”

Mar 25, 2021 | No Comments

The “Strasbourg Society for Ecumenical Theology” was founded as a support association for the Institute. Its goals are directed towards the idealistic and material promotion of our Institute as well as improved communication with the supporters of our work. At the founding meeting, Prof. Dr. Jennifer Wasmuth (Chairperson of the Board) and Ms. Elke Leypold were elected to the Board of the Society, Mr. Fritz Schroth was elected as Deputy Chairperson, and Dr. Frank Zeeb was appointed as Managing Director. The process for recognition as a “e.V.” is currently underway, which is a prerequisite for the society to be recognised as “non-profit” according to German law.

You can find the statutes of the society and a membership form (in German) at …

Study course 2021„Studying Ecumenism in Strasbourg!

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Invitation to a new study course in the form of a webinar from October 4-9, 2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers in the member churches of the Lutheran World Federation,

The Institute for Ecumenical Research has established a new study course for Lutheran pastors and advanced students that will be held from October 4 – 9, 2021, as an online-event. The seminar is meant to contribute to a specific aspect of the self-understanding of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF): “To be Lutheran is to be ecumenical.” This is a commitment that is not fulfilled automatically, rather it calls for serious efforts in order to honor it. The study course has three main goals: