Prof. Dr. Stefan Dienstbeck, the new professor at the Strasbourg Institute, did his undergraduate work in theology and Latin. His doctoral studies at the Faculty of Protestant Theology in Munich, completed in 2010, dealt with the stages of system-building in Paul Tillich’s theology. In 2014 he received his habilitation in systematic theology with an examination of the theology of the Stoics. Since then he has served as a private docent in Munich. He has also taught in Augsburg and has undertaken visiting professorships in Augsburg, Leipzig, Hamburg, and Kassel. His areas of focus include classical dogmatics, ecumenical theology, ancient philosophy, philosophy of religion, and the theology of Paul Tillich, Wolfhart Pannenberg, and Wilhelm Herrmann.

Prof. Dienstbeck has been active in practical ecumenical work and since 2016 has served as a member of the dialogue of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany with the Old Catholic Church in Germany. He is additionally a member of the scholarly advisory board at the Ecumenical Institute of the University of Bochum.

Now in 2019 he begins his work as research professor at the Institute for Ecumenical Research in Strasbourg. He will work chiefly on intra-Protestant dialogue as well as with the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe. He will also continue in his previous ecumenical commitments. His academic preparation serves him well as the foundation for developing new models of ecclesial unity as well as thinking through a corresponding method for achieving it, which may be of service in the present ecumenical conversation. In recent years Dienstbeck has published numerous papers on ecumenical themes, especially with reflections on Wolfhart Pannenberg’s approach at the center.

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